Jun 24, 2012

Both Hands Project Countdown


Today marks 6 days until our Both Hands Project to help a wonderful woman named Rosie. I know some people may not understand or feel lead to adopt, but our family could not feel more lead by God to adopt our son. There have been so many miracles happen throughout our journey. The latest being the donation of material and volunteers from a local Home Depot store. They have been AMAZING! I have yet to meet the manager, Stacey, who I have only spoken to twice, but have emailed back and forth. Yet through her hard work on the store's end, she managed to gain the materials for us and even had the lumber cut to the specifications needed to build our steps in order to save us on time & equipment. I will meet with her this week so I can photograph her for our video, but in the meantime, here is a few pics. from us picking up the materials. When we committed to this project it was to help raise funds for our adoption, while this is still important, is has taken a back burner to our NOW commitment. Seeing our team come together, even though it will be in the triple digits, seeing the material donations come, seeing the smile on Rosie's face this evening as we unloaded supplies, and mainly, sharing Christ with others that we tell about the project. This is what it has become for us, Christ's story and He allowing us to spread His message.

Jun 11, 2012

Six Weeks Seems Like Six Years

It's been a bit since I have posted, we have been hands-down, busier than we have ever been. We have swim practice twice daily w/kids, swim meets every Wed. & weekend, Vacation Bible School (we are teaching), grandkids staying on & off (2 month old through 6 yr. old), dentist, orthodontist, and dr. appointments, fundraising preparations, side jobs to raise funds, summer fun with kids planned, etc., etc, etc. But no matter how MUCH we put on our plates to keep us from thinking about the WAIT or the saying "the busier you are, the faster time flies", it doesn't matter. This next 6 weeks will be the agonizing wait.

We are in the "Article 5" wait right now. It will be (hopefully) picked up on the 19th, couriered to where it needs to go and then comes the 3-4 week wait for Travel Approval, then the 2 day wait to get a consulate appointment THEN we can make our plane reservations!

Zander just received his package from us last week. I am really impressed with the USPS, it took less than 2 weeks! Here are some new pics of him in his new outfit. I absolutely LOVE the pictures of him looking at his recordable V-Tech photo album. He looks so curious!

All Smiles!

Zander's Classic Look

Looking at Sister Carmen

Who Are Those People?