Our Blessing

This is where Zander's orphanage is located.

We will be using this page for updates and pictures of Zander. We have many wonderful insights that have been given to us from a group of Canadian volunteers who helped out at Zander's Foster Home. We really wish to thank Kimberley Miller & Carol Bosgraaf (sisters) for all the information and all the love they showered on Zander when they were with him.

Zander was sent from his SWI (Social Welfare Institute) to Morning Star because he had multiple special needs that couldn't be tended to at his SWI. Morning Star is run by an American family dedicated to helping several severe special needs children.

Zander has had heart surgery, supposedly completely fixed and club feet, which he has been casted for and now wears braces at night. Here is what we've found out. Zander is actually not 1 yr. old (which we pretty well knew just by looking at him and hearing about his progress). He is more like 16-17 months old. We are going to look into getting a modified birth certificate when we are in China if we can get more information from his orphanage.

Zander's family home consists of about 8 special needs children. Here they get the medical help they need, which includes dr. visits, surgeries and most of all the love they need to nurture them back to health so they can go to their forever families. You can read more about his foster home at http://www.morningstarproject.org/.

He was approximately 5 months old when he came into their care. He received heart surgery (all indications are that it was very successful and won't need any further heart surgery, but we won't know until we get him home), he has been casted for club foot and the casts removed, but he must wear braces at night, which he CANNOT STAND. We were told "good luck with that" : ). Because of the casting his walking has been a slow progress, but he crawls like "mad" and is starting to pull up on furniture. He stands alone.

Here is also what was written. "Zander was also very sick when he came to Morning Star, but he is growing in to a big, strong guy!! He is 16 months old, and since coming to this home, has had heart surgery, and surgery/casting for club feet, He still has to wear foot braces while he sleeps, but he does NOT like them!! Because of the club feet his walking has come slowly, but he crawls like mad, and is starting to pull himself up on the furniture. He is the most pleasant, easy going little fellow with a beautiful smile underneath that pacifier!

These are all the new pictures we have received.


We were going to wait to post until we received updated photos, but we couldn't wait. We got our approval from China yesterday! This means he is our son! China was extremely quick about getting back to us on our LOI, God has plans for this little man. Here's the details we're sure you'll want to know.

Chinese Name: Zhou Zi Jian (pronounced Joe Dz Gee In)
DOB: February 10, 2011
Where: Pingdingshan City in Henan Provice
Where he is now: Morning Star Foster Home (run by an American Family, he's in great care).

He's described as a happy little boy that brings joy to everyone he's around He is a favorite among his nannies and very loved. He is crawling, waving, clasps hands, says mama, baba & bye bye. They said the only time he gets upset is when he hasn't gotten his food quick enough!

We don't know when exactly we will get to get him, but we are expecting around late September (paperwork & bureaucracy UGH)!


 He was afraid of the musical flower. These flowers light up, start spinning, then open open to other candles. I would be afraid of it too if I were only one.