Oct 19, 2012

Two Months Home - From Baby To Toddler

One month ago:

Zander communicated almost exclusively by sign: Today he says anything you ask him to and several words spontaneously on his own, although enunciation is far from perfect, he tries.

Zander could barely climb onto our low sofa: This morning he climbed out of his crib.

Zander waddled to walk: Today he about runs (even though he still gets wobbly at times).

Zander didn't know what animals were: Today he makes the animal sounds.

Zander didn't know his foot from his eye: Today he identifies 10 body parts.

Zander was somewhat quiet: Today he's a boisterous, LOUD, little boy : )

Zander would just look at me when I said I Love You: Today he signs & says I Love You.

One month ago I wouldn't have seen how far our little boy has come. From a baby to a toddler in a matter of 4 short weeks. With our biological children we were able to watch them grow their first 2 years, reach their milestones, give or take time tables. But seeing Zander reach milestones in a matter of weeks, instead of a year, has been amazing.

His palette has gone from anything bland to just plain anything! He loves every type of food, from salad (including onion, carrot, cucumber, black olives, etc) to tacos. His favorite, by far, so far, is corn on the cob : ) It's a fight for him not to eat the cob and all.

His favorite song is Old MacDonald  he loves baths & showers, he's the most curious little guy I have ever seen. When he wants to know how to do something, he does it over and over until he's got it down. He loves opening & shutting doors, and his favorite toy is his toy piano with a microphone.

People still ask us, "How's his adjustment?" and I really have to stop and think, "What adjustment?" because it just seems we all have adapted to our new lives. Sometimes it's quite hectic, sometimes tiring, but the times of endless laughter, cuddles, and hugs far outweigh the times of tired & hectic.

We have had major different specialist appointments over the past month. All of which have been much better than expected. Before we had thought he may have to have 3 surgeries. Now we know there should only be one. The minor thing he would have to have is dental work.

He has done so great with all the doctor visits, except the dentist. This was NOT a good experience. By the time the exam was over, he hit me and the dentist. They gave him a bouncy ball, which he in turn threw at the dentist also. I can't blame him, he was ticked.

Last week he accompanied me to my dental cleaning and was hilarious. He sat on my abdomen and watched the entire procedure. He came so close to my mouth to see what was going on, I had to move him several times. They asked to put on a movie for him, but I told him he wasn't interested.

Sleep is something that we dearly love in this house (as I'm sure in every house), and we aren't looking forward to Zander having to wear his braces every night.We shall see what comes.

This month has also brought a fun lady into our lives named Angie. She is Zander's new global therapist through the Child & Family Connections. She is teaching him and us how to learn and teach enunciation, fine motor skills, etc.

Zander attended his first 3-day swim meet this month and did fantastic. He made friends and kept everyone on their toes. He wasn't interested in watching, of course, unless it was his sister and then he only watched the starts. He had more fun learning how the water fountain worked and riding his little horse through the hallways.

Also new this past month was Zander's first trip to Chuck E. Cheese. He was quite overwhelmed with all the colors, lights and entertainment, but LOVED the pizza! Zander also started his first school called Tot Time at our local library with me. It's only 45 minutes, but he has caught on quick and is learning.

Last, but not least, my wonderful friends and sisters held a "Welcome Home Zander" party for us. It was THE BEST! From the delicious food, the incredible centerpieces, to the fellowship, it was so fun and we are so grateful for everything and everyone in our lives.

Well, I apologize if I've rambled, I'm really tired and trying to recall all the moments of this past month. As I've said before, this blog was started to keep family & friends updated on our journey. Now it is more or less a recording for Zander of his life thus far. Thank you for reading and enjoy the pictures!