Jan 21, 2013

5 Months Home - New Year - New Family - New Life

I'm a couple days late on this post, with good reason. Zander's been sick a lot the last few days with sinus, allergy, chest cold and a severe reaction to an antibiotic that includes hives and breathing treatments. He's had the full gamut of illnesses this past couple weeks and is hopefully on the road to recovery.

It's so hard to believe we have been home with our little boy for 6 months. Although it seems like he's been with us forever. I really have to stop and think some days that he hasn't always been with our family. He continues to weave himself deeper and deeper into our hearts and lives. He's adorable, affectionate, funny, independent, smart, and just the greatest. We couldn't imagine our lives without him.

Zander's Daddy Moments: As soon as Tim arrives home from work Zander greets him with jumping, clapping and then ordering him: "off, off, off", meaning Zander wants Tim to take off his jacket, his overalls, then his boots. Zander then proceeds to take Tim by the hand into the living room, where he sits down, pats the floor and tells his daddy, "down, down". It's time to play.

Zander's Mommy Moments: Starts in the morning when Zander awakens, claps his hands and says, "up momma, up", then hugs and cuddles for the next 30 minutes. After a diaper change he throws it away and I tell him thank you, he then says, "thank you mama", when I ask him for something he says, "here go mama". Although I've only heard it a couple of times, he says, "love you mama". The sweetest words a mama can here. He will come up whenever I'm sitting on the floor and purposefully place his neck by my mouth wanting me to snuggle his neck while he giggles. He STILL teases me if I ask him, I will ask him, "say _______", and he'll say, "baba". He started this while we were in China and now it's a teasing mechanism he still uses with me.

Zander's Carmen Moments: Zander gives Carmen a ton of grief and she gives it back. He knows Carmen doesn't like anyone in her room, but he will sneak in there every moment he can and when she asks him to get out he'll tease her and step further in until she has to chase him and he giggles the whole way out of her room. They are getting closer and closer by the week. She can't help but love his laughter and infectious teasing. He will also climb onto her lap wanting her to snuggle his neck too.

Zander's Richie Moments: Richie and Zander are a wonder to behold. Richie is the best "big brother" Zander could ask for. They play with one another, Richie is the first wanting to carry him into the store or do whatever for him. He plays until Zander's in giggles. They only time they do not get along is when Zander believes that anybody's food is also his food. Richie LOVES his food so it is a battle whenever dinner time comes around and Zander wants Richie's food.

Zander's Alex Moments: With Alex moving out, Zander doesn't see her much anymore. When she came home for Christmas he was immediately back in love with her, wanting her to hold him, etc. She stayed the night and he went back to his old ways waking her up with his kisses and pats.

Zander's Brandy Moments: Zander is just getting to know Brandy. He was extremely cautious of her at first, not knowing what to think. The same went for Brandy, she wasn't quite sure what to think about having a foreign little brother 27 years her junior. As they are around one another more and more, they are developing a way about them, a teasing, bonding sister/brother affection.

Zander's 1st Experience w/snow: As he watched the white flakes coming down while standing on his little perch by the window, he would knock on the window while trying to say "snow, snow". I was so excited to take him outside in his new little boots, bundled up and waiting for his expression. It seems all mothers, not just myself, have an idealistic view of how things are going to be, have you ever saw those reality pictures where one would show a sleeping child laying on her mother's shoulder while the mother looks longingly into at her little one as if saying "where has all the time gone", then the reality photo is the child sleeping yes, while there are stains of spit up on the mom's shirt, mom's hair is ratted out from not being able to comb it and instead of the longing look, the mom has a look of, "wake her and your dead". Well, that's how my reality is a lot of the time, wanting the ideal experience, while in reality we went outside, I set him down on the sidewalk and backed away with my camera and was trying to get him to pick up snow. He trudged right through the snow to me, stopping short once he realized the white stuff was cold, then reaching out to me saying, "mama mama". When I tried to get him to try picking up the white stuff he was stiff as a board. When he finally picked it up he scrunched up his nose, through it down and he was done. Oh well, maybe next snow.

Well, today was another snow day and it was snowing hard outside by the time we arrived home from swim practice so I thought I'd give it another try. As I took Zander out of his car seat I tried to act VERY excited about the large white flakes coming down. He felt the flakes while in the car, then looked in the car, not understanding why it wasn't snowing inside. As I placed him on the sidewalk it was like he was hypnotized, he just watched the snow coming down and finally lifted his face up and started giggling as it fell and melted on his face. He tried again to pick it up, but wasn't crazy about that. Oh well, baby steps.

Zander's First New Year's Eve in USA: Tonight is New Year's Eve and it's approximately 8:30 pm. Where is Tim & Zander....BED.... It's been a very long day for the little guy, he didn't have a nap (neither did daddy). He spent 3+ hours playing at swim practice, went visiting, and then home where he played hard for several hours. Tim had to work most the day so they are night night buddies. I have had a sinus infection/flu for 10 days and finally feeling partially human. We were supposed to have kids over here tonight for New Years, but with me being sick didn't want to get others sick so all kids are with other families this evening celebrating. Happy New Year!

Other New Year Homefront News. Tim's been working really hard with a lot of overtime, but when he walks through that door in the evening, he has an almost 3 foot special greeting awaiting him. Ready to tell him to take off his overalls, coat and boots and pop a squat down next to his little boy saying "down".  He's the best daddy/Papa there could be.

Brandy is now working retail and really liking it, her new job offers so many opportunities after her 90 day orientation. She's been working really hard toward many goals and overcoming obstacles that have been holding her back for years. We're so proud of her accomplishments, she's doing such a great job.

Alex is now in her own apartment in downtown and keeping occupied with her new baby, a 2 lb. baby bunny she has named Edgar. He's adorable, soft and cuddly. He really only wishes to snuggle after he's worn out, but we were told this is the "teenage years" of the bunny. She's been working a lot, but enjoying her new life outside of our house.

Carmen's been keeping busy with youth at church, school, friends and swim. She's developing new friendships at school and is looking forward to high school She's already started picking out her graduation dress. The big decision will be which high school she will go to right now.

Richie (aka Seth) has been playing Nerf wars every waking moment that he doesn't has school or homework. He and friends scout the block looking for enemy invaders. When he's not doing that, he's building with his legos, reading the Hunger Games series and playing Minecraft. Then when he has a free moment he states, "I'm bored" oh the typical busy 10 yr. old.

Savannah is here for the evening. She just had her big 7th birthday. She is a true gem, beautiful big blue eyes and a saucy little way about her. She's such a great little girl. She has a personality all her own and she WILL rule one day in whatever she does.

Kalya is our little redheaded firecracker. Sassy and sweet she's adorable. She loves Elmo and her talking is coming by leaps and bounds, we're not sure if this is a good thing or not, understanding what she's saying.

Sophia is just the sweetest little thing, especially when she growls! She has started pulling up on things and maneuvering furniture, watch out world, here she comes!

Me, I've been keeping busy with all the little  ones, going out with friends once a month (for my sanity and the families). Trying to keep well and working with the kids. My next post will have Zander's 2nd birthday party! Now to try and load videos!