Dec 18, 2011

The Goal is Gathering This Week

Well we have sent off our I800A, we've received our fingerprint date for 1/3/2012, and now it's time to start gathering all our documents for our Dossier. Things are moving at God's speed, He is in charge and all we can do is follow His guidelines.

The Chinese government keeps adding little bits and pieces just since we started in July. We are so blessed with friends, our pastor, our teachers & principals, etc. that have gone above and beyond with reference letters. They have had to do and sometimes redo their letter. Mail and remail their letters and all the while saying, "of course we will". We are so humbled by their love and generosity.

Christmas is right around the corner. The tree is up, gifts purchased and yet it seems so different this year, like something or SOMEONE, is missing. We have no face yet to our child, yet they are etched on our heart. Today's sermon was given and talked about how Caesar was considered by some as the savior of the world with all his wealth and power. Yet a tiny, helpless child, born in a manger, protected only by strips of cloth, whose mother & adopted father were turned away, who had no wealth or power, is the true Savior of the world.

We have a new family portrait and if you go look, you'll see why a friend wrote, "Looks like there's a little room in the front row still!!!"

Have a wonderful week and God Bless.


Dec 10, 2011

Day of Blessings

Today was a day when I could feel God at every event of the day. First Tim & I slept in until 10:30, something I don't believe we have done in YEARS! We spent an awesome evening with friends from our Sunday School class having a terrific dinner and then a great Christmas "white elephant" gift exchange.

Today Carmen & I spent the day Christmas shopping. We were very hungry, but didn't want to spend a lot or go fast food so we agreed to split a soup bread bowl and green tea at Panera. While sitting there enjoying, a woman came and said they had made a mistake on her order and asked if I'd like her Greek salad, they had told her to throw it away and she didn't want to waste it. I graciously accepted, she didn't know our decision to share our lunch, but we believe God lead her to our table. Later we thanked her and gave credit to God she came to our table. Carmen went to get a refill on our green tea, and then the worker told her she wasn't supposed to, but gave her a refill anyway.

Next we went into the Christian bookstore and purchased Richie one of his baptism gifts. The book, "Heaven is for Real", the child's version. Carmen asked if she could read it really quick and in the back there were questions in the back of the book and one was, "do you get wings in heaven" to which the little boy replied, "you can choose if you want to walk or fly" and it brought Carmen to tears of wonder.

Tonight we spent the evening together putting up our tree, although not such a "fun" thing, and not without a lot of belly-aching, it is up and beautiful. We opted for our small, pre-lit tree because of the little ones and our cats.

Finally, I got our mail today and in it was our fingerprinting documents for the adoption. Our fingerprint date in St. Louis is January 3, 2012! That was a huge blessing today.

God Bless!

Dec 6, 2011

Routine Upset AKA Choir/Band Concert

Our evenings our usually pretty routine, scheduled the week before and followed. We have carpools coming & going, kids homework, dinner, etc. just like any other family, but it's when you throw off that routine with a Choir/Band concert that seems to knock the whole world off kilter!

What time do we have to be there, what do I wear, do I have time for a shower, what time can we eat dinner, why does everyone have to go (all from dd #3). Why do I have to go, I don't want to hear anyone sing, can't I stay home by myself (all from dgs #1). Haven't I already heard enough singing (after driving a total of 5 hours to hear our dd sing a few weeks ago), I don't have any kids in band, why do I have to hear them (all from dh) plus more I'll leave out for now.

Oh the joys of getting everyone to a school function where we all go as a "family". Ohana means "family" and as dysfunctional as we sometimes are, we love one another and will be there with our smiles.

The choir/band concert was beautiful (and short :). Three of the kids played Pokemon cards, bounced to the Christmas music and then we went home, settled down and all is quiet now that everyone's asleep.

Hmmmm - Notice of Action

Well, today we received an official looking document from The Department of Homeland Security verifying that they received our I800A & all the $$ for our application fee and fingerprints. Now we wait for another letter telling us when and where to go for our fingerprints.

Whoever said everything comes to those who wait is probably still waiting : )