Nov 29, 2011

The "F" Word - Fundraising, To Do or Not To Do?

Like so many families adopting either domestically or internationally, the fees add up to almost putting a child through community college - and then some.

Some people say "if you have to fundraise, don't adopt". These are usually well-meaning people, but they have not been there to see the faces of the orphaned children, held them in their arms, cared for them in the little time you are able to spend with them, and then leaving heartbroken, not knowing if they will ever have someone to call mommy or daddy, especially if they don't look healthy or "normal" because of special needs or even older healthy children, just because they're older.

Our family has been there, held them, cared for them, loved them and was heartbroken to leave. God has given us the opportunity to adopt a special needs child from China. We don't know who yet, boy or girl, maybe twins, we just know it is what we are called to do by our Lord.

We will officially be starting our fundraising after the holidays by offering services for people. In the mean time we will be applying for grants, which we have heard are in very short supply and also by entering a giveaway called the "2nd Annual 24 Days of Giving at

Please pray for whoever may receive this gift, it is a true blessing.

Family Pictures - Can Anyone Say Chaos!

Everyone knows I am a photo junkie. I absolutely LOVE taking pictures & LOTS of them. I guess that's why in the last 27 years we've only had 4 family portraits. Trying to get 8 people ready in a matter of 2 hours ranging from 9 months to 45+ years took some juggling, smoothing ruffled feathers, spiking and bribery. They ended up going pretty smoothly and our photographer was so layed back, he rolled with all the rumblings. We receive our proofs tomorrow and I can hardly wait. We had to have pictures for our dossier and I was the proud recipient of a local contest winning 100 free photo holiday cards, so what better excuse to get the pictures taken!

Nov 16, 2011

Hurdles of Hope

November 16, 2011

Yesterday at 12 noon I received the call from our social worker that Illinois DCFS had approved our home study. Needless to say I was stunned and immediately broke down in tears. I felt the way I did when finding out I was expecting our last biological child, filled with joy and awe.

Our social worker let us know it was the longest she's ever done in her 21 years. The state came back several times asking us to explain more in detail certain things that they had never come across, then would come back again, wanting us to explain the same questions, just differently. We thought it would never end. But God is the Greatest and He knew the timeline.

We pray that what our social worker, ICPC and others learned through our paperwork will help others in the same predictament. We hope it helps them know exactly how to word items and give them what they need.

We have no idea the next step, I will be calling tomorrow, but I wanted to share this fabulous news with you.

We are truly blessed by God.

Nov 11, 2011

Be Still.....

November 11, 2011

Age 4
"Be Still" meant my Grandmother, Virginia, scolding me to quit fidgeting.

Age 14
"Be Still" meant my teacher reprimanding me for either talking to my friend or getting ready to jump out of my seat at the sound of the bell.

Age 40+
"Be Still" now means God loves me enough to say, "Have faith in My timing, be still and trust in Me to know the plans I have for you."

If you know me, being still is not one of my strong suits. If fact, it is THE hardest things in my life for me to do.

Being still isn't just about being patient. It is also being open to listening. God sometimes will shout and His way will be crystal clear. But usually for me, God's voice is a whisper that I must "Be Still" to hear.