Our Family

Our Family - Christmas 2011

Tim & Francine August 2011

Tim is a child and animal magnet. All little ones gravitate to his easy-going, gentle nature. Tim is such a terrific father & Papa. Tim loves to be home, tinker on cars, read hot-rod magazines and loves God. He never says no to someone in need. He is not only the handiest man I know, he's the most giving. He can do everything from electrical, carpentry, to landscaping. Tim is a plumber by trade, but worked as an aviation electrician in his younger years. Tim is truly a family man and my best friend. I trust him in all he leads our family to accomplish and look forward to what plans God has for our family.

About me, well...I love children, I always have! I was a stay-at-home mom for the first couple of years of our oldest children's lives, went to college and then became the "corporate" mom for 13 years doing administrative work and meeting planning. Although I loved what I did, after our 3rd daughter came, I GLADLY changed my high heels for bare feet. I now have an in-home childcare that has been going for 12 years. The babies & toddlers I have watched have been a blessing. When they go off to school, it's like watching your own. Nothing is more important to me than God and our family. As we reach each hurdle of our adoption, it brings me closer to God and the miracles He has in store for us.
Brandy Deanne

Brandy is 27 years old. She has a curiosity and exuberance for life, she's very smart. She's been shooting since she was 10 and can out shoot her grandpa in trap & skeet. She's been under the hood of cars since before she was even potty trained! She is also a wonderful mother to our 3 beautiful grandkids, Seth Richard (who likes to be called Richie) is 9, Savannah is 5 1/2, and Kalya who is 9 1/2 months. Brandy works in retail and finding it very exhausting right now during Christmas time.

Alexandria Nicole

Alexandria, is 24. She is independent and self-assured. Alex has always had a zest for anything art related. Her ultimate job is Museum Curator. Since graduating college she has been enjoying life in the big city. Alex is a very "modern" girl and has a flair for all things retro. Alex works in the city and is even contemplating moving to the Big Apple!

Carmen Michaela

Carmen is 12 and our youngest daughter. She's very confident in everything she pursues, whether it's school work or sports. She works very hard in everything she puts her mind to. She loves to swim and swims all year round. She loves sports, animals and can hardly wait to go back to China for her new brother or sister (or both)!

Our Grandbabies

Seth Richard
Kalya Sue Nicole
Savannah Grace
Seth (aka Richie) is 9 yrs. old and in the 4th grade. He is smart as a whip, talented in so many areas of anything hands-on and LOVES his little sisters. He likes sports for the fun, not the competition and it's amazing to watch him play either soccer, basketball or swimming because no matter what he's doing, he's doing it with a smile. He loves to swim and does it all year round. He's caring and sensitive and at the same time tough. He loves to wrestle with his Papa and watch wrestling together. He can hardly wait for December 11th when his favorite Pastor gets to baptize him!

Savannah will be 6 in January 2012. She is all girl, she loves to dress-up, paint nails and play the princess to the hilt. She adores animals of any species and we sometimes have to intervene her "loving" them too much. Savannah loves to spend the night at least 2 x's/week so she can cuddle with her Papa. She's not too sporty, but loves the water & can hardly wait to start swim lessons. She's creative, playful and full of spice!

Kalya, will be 10 months old next week. Although she was born 6 weeks premature, she is a red-headed spit fire going full-throttle. She went from barely moving to shimmying the sofa in a matter of 3 weeks. She's the best baby, full of smiles and LOVES to be rough housed. The bouncier, the better. She does this thing with her hands, a grabbing motion when she's excited or wants to be picked up that's adorable. She brings nothing but enjoyment when she's here and can hardly wait to see her grow.